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Merger & Acquisitions

Realize the full Value of Your Company

Planning an exit strategy from your closely held company requires planning and making informed decisions.  THE MCCLURE FIRM has experience in assisting business owners in the right approach to both.  We assist in the comprehensive analysis as to the range of value, which can consider synergistic buyers (typically public companies) or intrinsic buyers (value to the particular buyer or equity fund).  We sill determine if there appear to be any potential obstacles from a buyers perspective and confront any issues before they can interfere with the success of an ultimate transaction.


Also to be considered is the transaction structure and terms alternatives to consider.  This will determine whether our expectations of value and ultimate price are in line with your goals.  You will then be better positioned to determine whether it makes sense to pursue an exit strategy now, or “groom” the company for a sale in a future period.  Additionally, we have ongoing knowledge of overall market, industry activity, and/or whether investor appetite is timely.


Our experience in Mergers and Acquisitions can provide exceptional value and provide a level of comfort and closure to our clients.  From day one, The McClure Firm will focus on predicting, measuring, and managing risk associated with the change in ownership.


It is important that the buyer and/or seller considers the fact that no seemingly comparable transaction can be truly compared with another until all analysis of price and terms are fully researched and compared as “applies to apples”.  We have the expertise to make the comparisons and reconcile any differences based not only on our direct involvement in actual transactions but also analysis of the market approach to value in all business valuations we perform, whether the business is actually looking to sell or not.


Seller Considerations


Strategic buyers often place the highest value on your company, but private equity firms are strategic when they look for add-on acquisitions to their existing portfolio companies.  We are able to find the greatest number of strategic buyers and private equity groups who will pay more because we research – identify and contact all known industry buyers and not-too-obvious, unknown, or related industry buyers.


Once we identify and discreetly contact the appropriate strategic and private equity buyers.  The McClure Firm is devoted to our client, and we recognize that no deal is done until the client received the best fit and the best price for their company.  We recognize and never deviate from the true and real issue.  The McClure Firm’s ultimate goal is that our client will walk away feeling a sense of pride and comfort, knowing they made the right decision.


The Seller must be informed as to:


Timing – when the specific industry and subject companiy is doing its best and growing, it I the right time to consider selling, not when the seller waits until the “peak”, that typically is too late for the best result.  Anticipated continued growth is very important in the timing, not when we say, “Well, it looks like we’ve peaked!”